Woops I RotG'd

A stupid fan blog for fanstuff. I'll be dumping my RotG art here, a mixture of movie and book verse, so spoiler alerts!

All original stuff will be tagged 'My Art'

Also this is a side blog, so I'm a bit restricted on private messaging and whatnot.

Will be back on the weekend on the 19th. My photoshop computer has been throwing more tantrums than usual and I’m taking trying to fix it. Also I’m out of town this weekend.

SO new page on the 19th/20th if all goes well. Sorry!

Haha I guess when I said ‘friday updates’ I meant ‘sometime at the end of the week I’m sorry’ updates

Got you a new page.

Back on track!

Got my internet hooked up at the new place, almost done unpacking!

I’m good at starting art projects immediately before uprooting my entire life, thank you.

Ok I’m packing to move right now and I put my harddrive at the bottom of a box somewhere. All my art files are on that. So, I’m sorry about this but I think the comic page will be up this weekend once I’ve unpacked.

So sorry!

Doom Syndicate by ~NatnatTOS

OH HEY I ALSO DREW  THESE DORKS (not comic related, just wanted to doodle the other Doom Syndicate members)

…wow Koz fighting shadow beasts has been making the rounds I see XD

I am considering my unfinished RotG stuff at the moment - reposting it on DevArt made me remember how much fun Pitch’s dumb face is - as long as I feel like my comic buffer won’t suffer for it there may be some Black Christmas in the near future.



….there are the first four pages of a comic here.

*recedes into shadow until next friday*

Also I will update my Megamind comic on friday with a few pages to get going. Then hopefully do one page a week on fridays.

Thank you for your patience! Until then I may just post my RotG stuff to DevArt.